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At least 5 years


Emerging markets

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About the fund

Ruth Core Emerging Markets is an equity fund that invests in emerging markets worldwide.

This fund is comprehensive enough to be the primary emerging markets building block in your portfolio and is a good fit for those looking to diversify their selection with a global and sustainable fund.

The fund is actively managed by a highly skilled team with an understanding of the local markets, and in addition, a rigorous process is applied to ensure that the companies included in the fund live up to sustainability requirements, even in a volatile and uncertain market.

With our experienced team and rigorous process at its core, Ruth Core Emerging Markets aims to outperform the fund's benchmark market.

Fakta om fonden

Fund name
Ruth Core Emerging Markets A
Emerging Markets Equity
MSCI Emerging Net Total Return SEK Index
NAV price 7/22/2024
303.88 SEK
Inception date
Trading frequency
Net assets 6/30/2024
5 861 MSEK
Yearly fee
1,90 %
Management fee
1,00 %
  • Geographical exposure
    Sector allocation

    Number of holdings
    • Basic
    • Enhanced
    • Focused
    • Impact

    Exposure to sustainability risks and opportunities

    • Shows the fund's exposure to potential risks associated with environmental, social and governance aspects.

      ESG Leadership Score

      How well the companies in the fund are positioned to manage ESG-related risk

      Measures exposure to risk and its management.

      6 Comparison 6 Fund

      Datasource: Sustainability CubeTM score.
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      Which controversial sectors the fund does not invest in.

      Exkluderingar med tröskelvärden på 5 % appliceras vilket kan innebära investeringar i bolag som har upp till fem procent av den oönskade verksamheten, enligt gällande praxis.

      Fonden gör ytterligare exkluderingar med högre tröskelvärden än 5 %, läs mer i vår exkluderingspolicy

      Corporate governance

      The companies in the fund's average proportion of independent board members.

      64 %


      61 %


      Datasource: MSCI

    • Shows the fund's exposure to climate-related transition risks and opportunities.

      Climate transition score

      How well companies are positioned to address the challenges posed by climate change.

      Measures, among other things, companies' carbon dioxide emissions, companies' emission reduction targets and progress towards targets.

      6 Comparison 6 Fund

      Datasource: Sustainability CubeTM score.
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      Climate risk exposure

      How companies are exposed to physical and transition-related climate risks.

      Measures the vulnerability of companies based on, among other things, emissions, the type of activity and its geographical location.

      Low High

      Datasource: MSCI


      Measures the carbon intensity of the portfolio based on the ratio of the underlying company's emissions to revenues as a weighted average - WACI.


      85 Tonnes CO2e

      M Euro revenue


      341 Tonnes CO2e

      M Euro revenue

      Datasource: MSCI

    Impact of the investment

    • Shows the fund's exposure to companies that contribute to solving global challenges and impact on sustainability factors.

      UN Global Goals score

      How well the companies in the fund contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

      Measures how well the companies' activities, revenues, products and services contribute to individual objectives.

      6 Comparison 6 Fund

      Datasource: Sustainability CubeTM score.
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      Main negative consequences on sustainability *

      Showcases a few of the funds actual or potential negative impact on sustainability, measured through a few criteria for social and personnel questions.

      Fund Comparison

      Company breaches of UNGC norms

      The share of companies in the fund that have breached at least one of the 10 principles set by FN Global Compact (UNGC) measured as serious breaches.

      0.0% 1.2%

      Company breaches of OECD norms

      The share of companies in the fund that have breached at least one of the principles set by OECD measured as serious breaches.

      0.0% 1.2%

      Boardmember gender distribution

      The average share of female board members for the underlying companies in the fund

      20.2% 18.4%

      Datasource: MSCI

      * In the investment process for the funds the fund company assesses selected negative consequences for sustainable development. All factors are not assessed for all funds and are not relevant for all underlying investments in the funds. Read more in the Policy for Due Diligence of the fund

    The Fund's sustainability figures are based on the entire portfolio. The Fund's sustainability performance is compared to a portfolio consisting of 100% MSCI Emerging Index.

  • Performance

    1 day
    −0,00 %
    2,84 %
    12,70 %
    1 year
    9,11 %
    3 year
    0,90 %
    5 year


    Standard deviation 1 year
    11,17 %
    Standard deviation 3 year
    12,91 %
    Standard deviation 5 year
    Max drawdown
    31,66 %
    Value at risk
    7,89 %

Portfolio managers

  • Mattias Martinsson

  • Mathias Althoff

  • Jennie Ahrén