Our asset management

Portfolio management is our craft, our guild. We work in a dedicated and structured manner to refine our customers' capital by investing it wisely, as well as by making sure that it contributes to good things. We have a wide range of financial products for different needs and contexts, all which are based on and permeated by our five fundamental principles. Together they form our overall asset management philosophy and framework to ensure quality and results.

Asset management philosophy
Five fundamental principles

Context & relevance

We believe that providing a context to how and when an investment product is suitable while ensuring there is a relevant need for our products will help make our customers more successful and ensure quality in our products.

Responsible ownership

We see it as an important part of our responsibility as a professional asset manager to ensure that we invest for a sustainable future. At the same time, it is our conviction that investments in line with the necessary transitions will result in better returns for our customers.

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Conscious risk

We believe that conscious risk-taking and risk management are the cornerstones of the craft of asset management, whether it concerns financial or sustainability-related risk. Knowing and understanding the risks to which a portfolio is exposed is the best quality assurance.

Open structure

We know our customers better than anyone, but there are many individuals and companies with competences that we do not have. It is our belief that the long-term success of our clients and the relevance and collective expertise of our organization will benefit from strong collaborations and partnerships.

Our partners

Robust processes

We believe that a clearly defined investment strategy with a consistent investment process and asset management is the key to long-term success in active asset management. A competent and structured handling of data together with innovative tools and systems is a prerequisite.

Portfolio strategies

Our portfolio strategies are actively managed holistic solutions. A complete asset management service packaged into one fund. In these strategies, we combine our own expertise and selected collaborations with tools and technology at the absolute forefront.

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Single strategies

Our single strategies work as building blocks for those who want to create their own portfolio. The funds have a clear individual focus and can be combined to form a powerful portfolio.

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