Portfolio strategies

Our portfolio strategies are actively managed holistic solutions that are created with the customer in focus. We understand that not everyone wants, can or has the time to build their own portfolio, so we help you on the way. We have gathered all our craftsmanship and combine the best of our own management together with selected world-class managers. The result is four broad portfolios that all work as comprehensive investment solutions.

The four portfolios are based on the same fundamental principles. What differentiates them is the degree of risk and you can choose the portfolio that suits you based on your own preferences and goals.

When we have assembled the portfolios, we have taken diversification, risk management and sustainability into account. We spread your investments across different asset classes, such as equities, bonds and other alternative investments. Through careful risk management, we can reduce risks while at the same time taking advantage of favourable market conditions.

Our four portfolios are thus created for customers who want to invest their money broadly and sustainably. We want you to be able to sleep well knowing that your money is being professionally managed by knowledgeable and dedicated experts who are passionate about continuously maximizing both your portfolio and your investment results.